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TV purchase five tips teach you how to stay away from refurbished TV


When we buy LCD TVs as well as promotional prototype, concern the purchase of refurbished machines and repair machines.Once you buy, less troublesome.Actually to identify the refurbished TV we could look from the following seven aspects.1, look for packages.New packaging of the goods in good condition, clean, such as open tray rear inside plastic bags should be in good condition not seal feels there was no dust.Old packaging must not so perfect.2, watching TV shell.New Cabinet should be a bit bright, sunlight reflects little luster, wipe gently with a finger after finger should be not the slightest dust.Old shell appeared to be very rigid no luster, and stained with dust on the casing.Some people deliberately wiping clean the dust on the casing, dust he was wiped out in some areas, such as load, heat the dust in the screw holes.3, watching the TV screen.New machine's screen is bright as mirrors, and above is not found out any scratches, there should be no dust.Older machines might have scratches and finger touch the imprint left by.4, watching the TV power cord plug.New sheet metal machine power cord plug is no signs of plug, and had numerous TV, it the power supply plug on the metal will generally leave a trace of contacts when the plug.5, see image.New TV the image is very clear, the color is very bright, real, adjust brightness, contrast is obvious, black and white image is very clear, that is, when the black and white images are played back, black is white is white, not doping of any kind should be color.Brightness of the old shortcomings, and color rigid is not realistic, adjust brightness, narrowed considerably the scope changes, black and white images, there is other noise.It is also important method differences are refurbished machines.

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